Chapter – 2 (Primary HTML Tags)

We are able to add components contained in the physique tag to outline the web page format.

HTML Component

Every part from beginning to the ending tag

– Opening tag

-Content material-

– Closing tag

HTML Attributes

Used so as to add extra data similar to an HTML tag.

Instance: <a href=””> FlowInCode’s Web site </a>

<a = anchor tag

href is the attribute of above component

We are able to both use single or double quotes in attributes.

The Heading Tag

Heading tag is used to mark heading in HTML. From h1 to h6, we have now tags for an important to the least essential heading.

<h1> Most essential heading H1 </h1>

<h2> One other heading H2 </h2>

<h3> One other heading H3 </h3>

<h4> One other heading H4 </h4>

<h5> One other heading H5 </h5>
<h6> Least essential heading H6 </h6>

Be aware: We should always not use HTML headings to make textual content thick or daring.

The Paragraph Tag

Paragraph tags are used so as to add paragraphs to an HTML web page.

<p> This can be a paragraph </p>

The Anchor Tag

The Anchor tag is used so as to add hyperlinks to current content material inside an HTML web page.

<a href=””> Click on Me </a>

The img Tag

img tag is used so as to add photos in an HTML web page.

<img src=”picture.jpeg”>

Be aware: In src attribute, we have now to specify the relative path of the picture.

Daring, italic and underline Tags

We are able to use daring, italic and underline tags to spotlight the textual content as follows:

<b> That is daring </b>

<i> That is italic </i>

<u> That is underline </u>

br Tag

The br tag is used to create line breaks in an HTML doc.

Large and small Tags

We are able to make the textual content a bit bigger and a bit smaller utilizing massive and small tags respectively.

hr Tag

<hr> tag in HTML is used to create a horizontal ruler usually used to separate the content material.

Subscript and Superscript

We are able to add subscript and superscripts in HTML as follows:

<sub> this </sub> is subscript

<sup> this </sup> is superscript

pre Tag

HTML at all times ignores additional areas and newlines. With a view to show a bit of textual content as it’s, we use pre tag


 This is written Utilizing pre Tag


Be aware: Above textual content will get rendered as it’s.

Chapter – 2 Observe Set

  1. Create an HTML page with a heading (title heading), a primary heading, and a subheading. Which tags did you use?
  2. Create a page with 5 wallpaper images taken from the internet
  3. Use br and hr tags to display a piece of text with line-breaks
  4. Try to write the following chemical equation using HTML C + O2 -> CO2
  5. Try to write a Wikipedia article using HTML

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