Chapter – 3 (Making an internet web page construction)

HTML Tutorial For Learners (With Notes) Chapter 3
HTML Tutorial For Learners (With Notes) Chapter 3

As soon as we use the appropriate tag in correct place, it ends in a larger internet web page construction, greater indexing by serps like google and yahoo, and better client experience.

We use the following tag to get the job executed

<header> #It incorporates nav tag (Navigation bar)

<most essential>


Above tags are used for website construction

Contained in the precept tag we insert the following tags:

<most essential> The first opening tag

<half> An internet web page half

<article> A self-contained content material materials

<aside> Content material materials aside from the content material materials (e.g. Adverts and so forth.)

</most essential> the precept closing tag

Making an internet web page like this is not wanted nonetheless it creates a readable and structured construction. Moreover, they’re useful for internet optimization.

Hyperlink attributes

<a href=”/contact”> Contact Us </a>

#above tag will allow the contact internet web page to open in related tab

<a href=”/contact” objective=’_blank’> Contact Us </a>

#above tag will open contact internet web page in new tab

We’ll put any content material materials inside an anchor tag (images, headings, and so forth. are all allowed)

If the net web page is inside a list, we now have to make sure that we hyperlink to the appropriate internet web page. [Same applies to img tag as well]

We’ll add hyperlinks to pictures like this

<a href=”/about”><img src=”f.jpg” width=”120″></a>

[Height of image will be set automatically]

The Div tag

div tag is often used as a container for various parts.

div is a block-level element. [Always takes full width]

The span tag

span is an inline container. [Takes as much width as necessary]

Chapter – 3 Apply Set

  1. Create an internet optimization nice website using HTML
  2. Create an HTML internet web page which opens google when clicked on an image
  3. Create a website which has your 5 prime used websites bookmarked. The hyperlinks should open in a model new tab.