HTML Tutorial Chapter – 4 (Lists, Tables & Kinds)

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In this post, I will tell you HTML Tutorial For Beginners In Hindi (With Notes).

HTML Tutorial For Learners (With PDF Notes) Chapter 4


Lists are used to show content material which represents a listing

Unordered listing:

Used to listing unordered objects


<li> House </li>

<li> About </li>




Ordered listing:

Used to listing ordered objects


<li> Telephone </li>

<li> PC </li>

<li> Laptop computer </li>



The <desk> tag is used to outline tables in HTML.

It’s used to format & show tabular knowledge.

tr tag:

used to show desk row

td tag:

used to show desk knowledge

th tag:

used instead of desk knowledge for displaying desk headers

We will outline as many desk rows as we wish.

So as to add a caption to the desk, we use <caption> tag contained in the desk.

thead tag:

used to wrap desk head (caption & tr with th)

tbody tag:

used to wrap the desk physique

Colspan attribute

This attribute is used to create cells spanning a number of columns.

<th colspan=”3”> FlowINCode </th> [Spans 3 columns]

HTML Kinds

An HTML kind is used to gather enter from the person.

kind tag is used for a similar


-Ingredient of the form-


There are completely different kind components for various sorts of person enter.

  • enter ingredient: Will be of kind textual content, checkbox, radio, button and submit. We even have a ‘file’ kind
  • textarea ingredient: Defines a multi-line textual content enter. Cols and rows attributes can be utilized to dimension the textarea.
  • choose ingredient: Defines a drop down listing

Word: You don’t have to recollect all of the tags, you’ll mechanically memorize them with follow.

Embedding Movies

Video tag is used to play movies in HTML

<video src=”FlowINCode.mp4”> Error </video>

Attributes for video

We will use:

  • Width: To regulate width of a video (Top mechanically adjusts)
  • We will use autoplay/loop to autoplay or loop the video.

Chapter – 4 Follow Set

  1. Create an HTML web page with video embedded inside it.
  2. Substitute the video in question-1 with a YouTube video.
  3. Create an HTML kind for a journey web site to e-book a trip.
  4. Create a desk displaying rating of cricket gamers in a match utilizing HTML.

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HTML Tutorial Chapter – 5 (SEO)

We will focus only on HTML standpoint of SEO. We will not be looking into keyword building and content optimization aspect of SEO

Types of SEO

  • On page SEO [Can be done by HTML developers]
  • Off page SEO


HTML developers can implement SEO using the following techniques:

  • Set the title very nice & to the point
  • Set the meta description

<meta name=”description” content=”………….”>

  • Set a nice URL Slug
  • Set the meta keyword tag
  • Set the meta author tag

<meta name=”author” content=”FlowINCode”>

  • Set a favicon
  • Compress images & other resources
  • Remove unused HTML/CSS & JS files + Compress them
  • Add alt text to images

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